Muhammad Fauzil Haqqi, S.Kom.

— Indonesian Creativepreneur —

Walking through the path of a sacred digital warrior — where a bit-by-bit data is crafted to be an amazing journey of life. Here I am, a creative person who loves being in serenity, trying to overcome what I have settled for my own goals.

By continue reading this simple site, you will be bestowed a small secret information about me. Please, use it wisely for the sake of this world and the future generation.

Phone: +62-857-5533-5573
Address: Malang, Indonesia
Where to find me: Just click this link

Personal & Professional Profile

a short story about me

Once upon a time, a boy was born to this world, without knowing what kind of life he would face. Raised as a normal child, he lived a happy life with his former family. With his potentiality, he always try to be the best in his area of war. Now, he is facing his giant, trying to defeat himself, to overcome what he has in his current life, in order to be a better person.

Yes, he is me, a simple hard smart worker who loves going adventures, trying something new, reading books, listening and playing to some musics, writing typing any kind of literatures, bullying leading people, doing public speaking, and other interesting activities. Although at the first sight, most of you may think that I am a cool and silent person.

I don't really love to talk in a forum. But when I do, I say something great.

Some people know me as an organization activist, the other acknowledge me as a book author. Most of them notice that I do great in programming, yet some of them praise my courage of being an entrepreneur at this age. While some people enjoying my public speaking (presentation), I don't really understand why the other choose me as their leader. Yet, I don't really love to talk about myself to people. And you, I think is lucky enough to be able to read this site. *smile*

What You Can Request Me to Do

As an ordinary person who loves to serve other, here is what you can ask me to do:

  • Do public speaking at seminar or workshop
  • Write a book or tutorial
  • Train leadership of a team
  • Develop any kind of software (desktop, web, or mobile)
  • Design and build a business together
  • Give advice to your business as a professional consultant

Is there any other thing you want me to help? Just be free to ask me through my email or other social network that you can find at the top right corner of this page. I guarantee I will reply your message soon, but only if you are serious with it.

What I Want to Achieve

Living in this world is not just plainly doing a routine every day. That will be boring, right? After some contemplations, I can bring out why I should continue live in this world.

A vision can drive me to bravely start the first step of a thousand miles.

Yes, I have settled goals for my live. Rather than point-to-point goals, here I just mention the global perspective of my dreams. I hope with this vision, I can arrange a blueprint plan for the future.

  • Building massive scale businesses, that can give so much benefit to many people.
  • Living a simple happy life, always try to be low profile, without mentioning that I actually am a billionaire.
  • Crafting a bunch of ideas to be great creations, to change the world to be a better place.
  • Traveling around the world with my closest people. Not for work, only for vacation.
  • Having so much free time for myself, my family, and all of the people around me.

Work Experiences

sorted from the latest

Chief Executive Officer

Tomatech Mobile

Logo Tomatech
Period: August 2012 - Present Day
Job Type: Full-Time
Company Website:
Work Email:

Together with my friends, I founded this company after consolidate with a Japanese team (but they are Indonesian people). We agreed to create a business that focuses on Mobile Technology. Yes, I am also one of the owner of this company. Yet, I still manage this company as the CEO.

In this company, we craft high quality mobile apps for major mobile operating system. Most of our clients are from Japan, and we managed to be able to work remotely. You can visit our website to see what we have done.

Chief Executive Officer

Mimi Creative

Logo Mimi Creative
Period: Februari 2010 - Present Day
Job Type: Full-Time
Company Website:
Work Email:

This is my first company, that was initiated from my time of study at university. Without enough experience, I continue run this company with my best team forever. Just like a wheel, we've been on top, and fallen to the bottom. Yet, we survive! Passion and persistency are the keys.

We do so many creative jobs, but we focus on web design and development. Some of big projects have been done. We also develop WordPress Theme, and able to receive any WordPress related project. We also use PHP Framework for custom web development system.

Article Contributor

Bisa Komputer

Logo BisaKomputer
Period: November 2011 - Present Day
Job Type: Freelance
Company Website:

We founded this online magazine with Mimi Creative team. Our target is to be the biggest Indonesian online computer-related tutorial site in this world. Therefore, we always provide high quality tutorial in several categories.

I also write tutorials for this magazine, sometimes. You can read my articles at the author's page. If you want to contribute any tutorial, please be free to send it via the website.

Article Contributor

PC Media Magazine

Logo PC Media
Period: June 2009 - Present Day
Job Type: Freelance
Company Website:

This is the biggest PC magazine in Indonesia that is published every month. I started my career as an author in this magazine. Thanks to my lecturer, Windra Swastika, who supports and encourages me to write my first article.

Although now I have such a many activities, I still try to continuously write article for PC Media. I do write technical article about programming in Java and PHP.

Article Contributor

PC Mild Tabloid

Period: September 2010 - December 2012
Job Type: Full-Time
Company Website: none

Similar to PC Media, this is a printed media that is published once every two weeks. I continue my career as an full time author in this tabloid, who is obligated to submit the articles regularly.

I was trusted to handle 10 sections, from tutorial to simple review. Sadly, it seems that the business was not doing well, because it stop published after the issue of December 2012. That is one of the reason I founded Bisa Komputer.

Java Instructor

Ma Chung Programming Discussion Forum

Period: July 2008 - June 2009
Job Type: Freelance
Company Website: none

This is not really a professional job. I was asked to lecture basic Java programming in a programming forum in my university. During my study, I had been learning Java so hard than the others. I just happy because I can share my knowledge.

Website Administrator

Ma Chung University

Logo Ma Chung
Period: September 2007 - March 2008
Job Type: Freelance
Company Website:

This is also not really professional job. During my first year of study, I was involved in developing my university's website together with bunch of team. Yeah, the first version of the website, that still use Joomla as its CMS. With a small team, I was trusted to continue work as the administrator.

Note: The first version website is no longer used.

Educational Backgrounds

formal and non-formal

Ma Chung University

Bachelor Degree of Informatics Engineering Study Program

I am the first generation of this university. Yes, because I am an anti-mainstream person, I chose to enter this university although this was a brand new university, rather than enter a public university. Fortunately, I became one of the best student, and be acknowledged as the "Student of the Year 2009".

My life changed so much in this university. From no one, to be someone. Many things happened. I bravely chose to be active in organization, although we (the indigenous) are minority. Yeah, some awards achieved. Some scholarship granted. Some competition won.

I was able to finish my study from July 2007 until March 2011, with GPA 3.80 out of 4.

Seminars and Workshops

How my skills improved, can't be separated from this events

During my university study, I also attended countless seminars, training, and workshops. Here are several events that worth to mention:

  • Monthly Seminar by Asosiasi Manajer Indonesia Cabang Malang. From July 2010 - present day.
  • Financial Revolution by Tung Desem Waringin. June 4-5, 2011. Kartika Graha Hotel. Malang, Indonesia.
  • English First Course at Malang Branch. Level 9 - Intermediate 2A. Score 91%.
  • VDMS Leadership Conference 2009 "Creating Leaders for Sustainable Society". July 24th-31st, 2009. Van Deventer Maas Stichting. Makasaar, Indonesia.
  • John Robert Power "Personal Growth Seminar". January 21st, 2008. Ma Chung University, Indonesia
  • Upgrading Pelatihan Character Building. September 26th-28th, 2011. Sheraton Hotel Jogjakarta, Indonesia.
  • John Robert Power "Personal Growth Seminar" and "Interpersonal and Interactive Skill", February 2nd, 2009. Ma Chung University, Indonesia.
  • Pelatihan Pengembangan Karakter Pemuda Indonesia 2010 by Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports. September 2010. Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • Cisco CCNA 2 – Routing. April - May 2010. Cisco (online).
  • Cisco CCNA 1 – Networking Fundamental. March – April 2010. Cisco (online).
  • International Industrial Informatics Seminar 2009. August 25th, 2009. UIN Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

SMA Negeri 1 Malang

Class of 2004-2007

Studying in the best school was one of my principles. I was very blessed to be able to enter one of the best public senior high school in Malang. I managed to be the best in my class, although I don't really enjoy it. Happiness and sadness happened. I was very grateful that it could accelerate my path of career.

Organizational Experiences

sorted from the latest


Blogger Ngalam Community

Period: June 2011 - Present Day
Organization Website:
Election Method: Acclamation

What the hell, during my time of working with thesis, I was chosen to be the chairman of Blogger Ngalam Community by acclamation. Fortunately, this community gives me so many experience, flies me to some places I have never step, and acquaints to many new friends.

IT Committee

AMA Indonesia Branch Malang

Period: Early 2011 - Present Day
Organization Website:
Election Method: Volunteer

Because I want to improve myself, I joined this organization and pay the monthly fee by using my scholarship. I learn so many things there, and I volunteered as a committee to be able to learn more. I also created the organization's website myself.

This organization had influenced me to run a business after finishing my study, instead of find a job at a company. And now, I am very grateful with that.


Student Council of Informatics System Study Program

Period: July 2008 - June 2009
Election Method: Students voting

Being active in organization is one of my goal in my university. I achieved it by became the chairman of student council of Informatics System Study Program. There, I learned so much about how to manage an organization.

Member of Organization Commission

Student Representative of Ma Chung University

Period: July 2008 - June 2009
Election Method: Special right

At that time, by being a chairman of student council of a study program in my university, I was granted a special right to be a member of student representative of the university. I was in organization commission, who are obligated to create all of organization rules for any student organization in Ma Chung University.

Coordinator of Professional Skill Department

Executive Student Body of Ma Chung University

Period: July 2007 - June 2008
Election Method: Candidate election

Special right had been granted for the first generation of the students. We were able to join Executive Student Body of the university in our first year. Because I done great at the election, I was chosen as the coordinator of professional skill department.

It is quite hard for me who never be involved in any organization like that before. But, I was managed to survive and improved my skill there.

Ordinary Member

STASION (Startup Singo Edan) Community

Period: June 2011 - Present Day
Election Method: Registration

Being a creativepreneur is a challenge. I will not survive if I don't always learn for new knowledge. This community is a place for gathering many startup founders at Malang. I can get new informations, share ideas, and meet new people. I also can meet my current team member because of this community.